Biotech Business Panel Discussion


Speakers: Chris MansiAllyson RinderleJason Scott
49 participants

Biotechnology and healthcare business basics: starting a medical/biotech company, healthcare investing, and career pivoting f...

The Era of Precision Molecular Medicine: Opportunities and Challenges


Speakers: Hesaam Esfandyarpour, PhD
75 participants

Dr. Esfandyarpour is the Founder and CEO of GenapSys Inc. He is an inventor of electronic DNA sequencing, a technology he dev...

Precision microbiome engineering: From engineering to bioinformatics


Speakers: Aaron Hammack
31 participants

Dr. Hammack is the Chief Operations Officer, Cofounder, and Director of EpiBiome. In his current role at EpiBiome, he brings...

Healthcare Innovation: Interests & Opportunities


Speakers: Robson Capasso
34 participants

Dr. Capasso went to medical school and has done his residency program in his native Brazil, and further continued his residen...

"Looking to get a career in Venture Capital OR Get funded for your start-up? - Learn from the Leaders"


Speakers: Meera Kaul
86 participants

Meera Kaul is an entrepreneur, an angel investor, a private equity executive and a venture capitalist. She is a global hi-te...

The impact of technology on "omics" and the future of bioimformatics


44 participants

Monica is Principal Engineer and Director of Big Data for Science and Technology in the Big Data Pathfinding Group at Intel C...

Marketing in Pharmaceutical Industry


Speakers: Robert Doig
31 participants

Robert is an accomplished senior-level Biotech Marketing leader with a track record of success in identifying, formulating, a...

Venture Capital: Life Beyond Academia


Speakers: Janis Naeve
93 participants

Venture capital is one of the primary funding sources for startup companies. If you are interested in entrepreneurship, come...

Transitioning From The Bench Towards Scientific Writing

Palo Alto, CA

Speakers: Tiago FaialAbby Tabor
70 participants

Every major technology-based organization needs people who are good at writing scientific material for a variety of purposes,...

Transitioning from academia to industry: insights from Bio-Rad employees


Speakers: Adam Bemis and Alisa Klochkova
58 participants

Adam Bemis is the Global Application Specialist for Bio-Rad Laboratories digital PCR (ddPCR) business unit. He was an origina...

Regulatory Affairs: An Alternative Promising Career Path for Life Science Researchers

Palo Alto, CA

Speakers: Leslie Cruz, Ph.D.
48 participants

Join AIMS' upcoming event to learn more about “regulatory affairs” (RA) and discover career opportunities with an RA professi...

How to Pivot from Research to Management?

Palo Alto, CA

Speakers: Erica Taylor, Ph.D.
79 participants

Are you interested in working in the biotechnology industry in managerial and other non-research roles? Dr. Erica Taylor is a...

Innovation in the Process Development Organization at Amgen

Palo Alto, CA

55 participants

Are you interested in working as a scientist in a biotech/pharmaceutical company? Come listen to an experienced Scientific Ex...

“Meet the Pros!”

Palo Alto, CA

Speakers: Privahini Bradoo
34 participants

Privahini Bradoo is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BlueOak, a start-up aimed at recycling precious metals from e-w...

So, you want to be an entrepreneur?

Palo Alto, CA

Speakers: Thorsten Melcher
40 participants

Thorsten is Senior Director for New Ventures Johnson & Johnson Innovation, California. He focuses on establishing and guiding...