Biotech Business Panel Discussion

Biotech Business Panel Discussion


Campus Drive b062 (Munzer Auditorium - Beckman Center) Stanford 94305
Speakers: Chris Mansi Allyson Rinderle Jason Scott Biology 50 participants

Biotechnology and healthcare business basics: starting a medical/biotech company, healthcare investing, and career pivoting from science to business.


Chris Mansi: A neurosurgeon by training, Chris is about to start his third company. Currently, a fellow at GSB, he is former founding CEO of EduSurg Ltd.  and director and cofounder of KC Surgical Training Ltd.

Allyson Rinderle: Allyson is a Biomedical Engineer turned healthcare investment guru. She has worked at several healthcare investment firms such as J.P Morgan. Upon graduation, Ms. Rinderle will join Longitude Capital as a Vice President.

Jason Scott: Jason is currently an MBA candidate at GSB. He has a BS in Biology from MIT and has wide range of experience having worked as a management consultant, operations manager at a start-up and a venture capitalist.


Tim Sweeney Tim Sweeney

Would like to meet a PCR/microfluidics postdoc/researcher for a potential venture-- any attendees interested please email me at tes17 [at] stanford [dot] edu.